Fashion February

So far february has been an eventful month and one full of surprises...from the weather to fashion. However, in honor of Black History Month, I want to honor a faboulous and yet very influential figure. VALDES: FASHION & COSTUME DESIGNER

(first to originate play boy bunnies outfits and first african american women to own a boutique on coveted broadway street in NYC!)


In 1970, Zelda was approached by Arthur Mitchell to serve as the head costume designer for his then newly-established performance company, the Dance Theatre of Harlem. She spent 18 years with the dance company and retired at the age of 83. From dressing Hollywood darlings, Playboy Bunnies and ballerinas, Zelda's legacy is long and enduring -- a fact that she was certainly proud of. "I just had a God-given talent for making people beautiful,"Zelda said during a 1994 interview with The New York Times. Zelda Wynn Valdes died at the age of 96 in 2001.