High Fashion @ The Walt Frazier's Wine & Dine

What a night, what a night...It was awesome. Desiree by Design "soft launch" Walking Presentation @ Walt Frazier's Wine & Dine was phenomenal. Great crowd, great fun, great networking and don't forget Monday Night Football (Let's go Giants). But thanks to all of DbD supporters, friends and family that came out and to the amazing models of the night who was a part of the Desiree by Design experience.

If you've never been there before 485 10th Ave is definetly a place to go for privacy, fun, upscale, good food and great connects. But stayed tuned for Desiree by Design and be sure to catch her down the next runway of Paris or Milan...and even better your closet.

Call us today for your very own headpiece and crown yourself wonderful with an exclusive you will never see anywhere else!

Enjoy....Happy Fall.http://desireepatton.webs.com/CYMERA_20131021_223048.jpg